A Little White Lying Groundcover

False lily-of-the-valley (Speirantha gardenii) is one of our favorite early spring-flowering evergreen groundcovers for shade, but one that just hasn’t caught on with customers. Every time we put this back in production at Plant Delights, we wind up throwing out most of the crop. Perhaps one day, folks will realize what a gem this is. Hardiness is Zone 5b-8b.

3 thoughts on “A Little White Lying Groundcover

  1. I totally agree – a fabulous ground cover. Not only is it evergreen no matter what the winter weather brings, it spreads slowly but consistenly under a huge maple in my dry woodland garden. Very few damaged leaves have to be removed, ever. Foliage is consistently bright green, somewhat lustrous, and the flowers are charming.
    I was amazed how few of my gardening friends know about this plant.

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