A new variegated daylily, Hemerocallis ‘Striped Fantastic’

Although we love daylilies, we don’t offer a large list, opting only for very special selections that should be better known.  Such is the case with Hemerocallis ‘Striped Fantastic’, one of only three stable variegated daylilies, and the first tetraploid. Due to its slow rate of increase, it’s taken 11 year for this worldwide release to happen.

Hemerocallis ‘Striped Fantastic’ was named by retired daylily breeder, Steve Brigham of the former Cordon Blue Daylilies. We’d grow this even if it never flowered. 

The lovely flowers are a true bonus, passing by far the other two variegated daylilies on the market. These images are from our garden here at Juniper Level last summer. 

9 thoughts on “A new variegated daylily, Hemerocallis ‘Striped Fantastic’

  1. I bought Striped Fantastic from you in 2018 and am anxious to see it bloom this season. I am curious… you say it is one of only 3 stable variegated daylilies. I know of Malja – aka Golden Zebra, but have never heard of another. Would you be willing to share it’s name?

  2. I have a red variegated daylily I found 3 years ago
    I have managed to over winter it in Virginia and Pennsylvania. It’s still variegated and quite stunning. I’ve found mutations on Stella d oro before , but it didn’t over winter.

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