A Nutball of a baptisia

We first met the little-known Baptisia nuttalliana back in the late 1990s on a botanizing trip to the gulf coast, and found it fascinating. Unlike most baptisia species, it doesn’t produce terminal spike, opting instead for axillary flowers. It’s namesake is English botanist Thomas Nuttall (1786 – 1859), who discovered it back in the day. Most forms are a bit homely, compared to the modern hybrids, but this beanbag-shaped, dense plant is one we’ve selected for future clonal propagation under the name Baptisia ‘Nuttball’.

Baptisia nuttalliana ‘Nuttball’

4 thoughts on “A Nutball of a baptisia

  1. I like it! Will ‘Nuttball’ be smaller than the other baptisias, or have a longer bloom period? Anything else different about it?

  2. I so enjoyed my trip there Yesterday and loved this plant. You were sold out – How often are you able to replenish your supply?

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