Agave ‘Leaping Lizards’

For our agave collectors, here’s a new drool-worthy introduction…a variegated edge sport of Agave geminiflora, called ‘Leaping Lizards’. This is an amazing opportunity to obtain a truly rare specimen…as long as they last. While Agave geminiflora isn’t terribly winter hardy, these do make amazing container specimens. Agave ‘Leaping Lizards’ is a solitary specimen (no offsets), unless you behead the original specimen for the sake of propagation, as was done here.  

4 thoughts on “Agave ‘Leaping Lizards’

  1. I collected A. geminiflora in Mexico in the early 70’s.. my plants have been growing outside in northern calif. since then, and have withstood temps as low as 18 degrees without visible damage. I consider them to be quite hardy

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