An aster by any other name

Looking great in our trials in early November is Symphotrichium dumosum ‘HillandSchmidtii’. Also, known as Aster dumosus before its name change, this fascinating 2018 Zac Hill/Jeremy Schmidt collection from Wilkes County, Georgia has proven to be quite a winner, so it will certainly be slated for a future Plant Delights catalog. We initially though this was the plant formerly known as Aster pilosa, before Patrick straightened us out. Evidently, virtually everything in the trade as Aster dumosus is incorrectly named.

Aster dumosus ‘HillandSchmidtii’

2 thoughts on “An aster by any other name

  1. Just lovely! I love asters, but have a terrible time growing them as they get destroyed by flea beetles and leaf hoppers.

    I haven’t figured out how to get rid of these pests yet. Any suggestions?


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