Another American native – Canna flaccida

Canna flaccida seed pods
Canna flaccida seed pods

Also loving moist soils in the garden is our native Canna flaccida…yes, there are native canna lilies.  Most folks grow Canna flaccida for the bright yellow flowers, but the seed pods that top the plant now are simply exquisite. When the pods dry, they can be shaken to produce a distinct rattling sound…great entertainment for young kids.  Here’s a cool photo that Anita just captured.

2 thoughts on “Another American native – Canna flaccida

  1. None of my Canna’s have bloomed yet this summer!! I a, so bummed , I have 3 varieties, Autralis, Benghal, & Indica- with red spikey flower. Here in NH everything has been so late. I have not seen this Canna but will try to add it to my collection next year.

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