Another possibly new elephant ear

Here’s another new elephant ear we’re thinking about introducing, but we’d love to hear your thoughts.  Mature height is 3-4′ and it does spread among other plants. We are calling it Colocasia ‘Smiley Face’. This is an unidentified species, probably from North Vietnam, that has been hardy for us for over a decade.  Thoughts?

27 thoughts on “Another possibly new elephant ear

  1. This plant should move from possibly to definitely offer it. It is beautiful and I like the fullness of its character, whatever that means…I think it is a winner.

  2. Love it and would definitely buy it. I live in No VA in zone 7 and elephant ears typically don’t winter over. Is this one an exception?

  3. I would like to have it, certainly could get it next year as this year’s too late to get it in ground. The mottling is different and in some ways an improvement on “Mojito” (both are good, the larger, fewer spots here provide more to work with for me).

    How does it do in light shade, sun, etc.? I have some common, green form of Colocasia esculenta growing very much under pines – mostly shade, yet they almost never flop unless the soil is very dry. The darker leaved types seem almost prone to doing so, even in near full sun for me (i.e. “Black Magic”, “Black RIpple”[the latter less so] in ~6 hours of direct sun).

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