Asarum maximum – Panda ginger in flower

Asarum maximum PDN009 in flower

Here’s a photo from our garden yesterday of one of the amazing wild gingers, Asarum maximum...a superb evergreen woodland perennial.

9 thoughts on “Asarum maximum – Panda ginger in flower

    • Hi Barbara;

      Thanks for the note. Unlike many products that can just be re-ordered by a retailer, our plants are grown here, often taking a year or more to produce. After an article is written and before it appears, there is nothing to prevent the plant in question from selling out before you see the publication. FG always checks to see if we think we have enough stock, but in some cases our crystal ball is simply not as accurate as we would like. We’ll work on another crop as quickly as possible. Thanks for understanding.

      • Thank you so much, Tony. I thought that plant would be perfect for my friend, Pat Riehl in her stumpery garden on Vashon Island (Washington). Have you seen the photos of that stumpery garden in Gardens Illustrated from last year? Fabulous. Val Easton wrote the article. Pat is quite the ferns expert and lectures on the garden as well as from her trips to Japan.

        Barbara Asmervig

          • Pat and Walt Riehl’s stumpery on Vashon is larger and much more fabulous than any in the country, and better than the stumpery garden of Prince Charles. I am surprised you weren’t taken to Pat’s garden while at HFF. She is on the board of HFF as well. Have you met her? Pat was president of NHS as well.

          • You would have taken a ferry to Vashon to see the Riehl Stumpery. I’ll ask Pat if you were there. She was probably at the HFF event.

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