Asarum maximum ‘Shell Shocked’ in flower

Asarum maximum Shell Shocked in full flowerAsarum maximum ‘Shell Shocked’ is quite stunning in the garden today.  Here it is in full flower in our woodland garden taken yesterday.  This selection is dramatically more vigorous and floriferous than any other clone of the panda ginger we’ve grown.


4 thoughts on “Asarum maximum ‘Shell Shocked’ in flower

  1. I love the Asarum maximum ‘Shell Shocked’ I purchased a few years ago. It is doing wonderfully and I can’t wait until you offer it again so I can add this little charmer to other locations in my woodland garden .

    • We’re so glad you liked it. We were a bit shocked that it didn’t sell better since it is truly an exceptional ginger selection. We’ll propagate some more in the hopes that word has spread about what a great plant it is.

  2. I recently saw this plant in someones garden.
    One of the most beautiful Asarum leaves have seen
    It is truly an extraordinary Asarum. I hope you will restock one day

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