Aspidistra elatior in Seed

Aspidistra elatior Asahi in seed

Aspidistra elatior ‘Asahi’ in seed

While cutting back winter damaged cast iron plants in the garden, we discovered a nice seed crop on Aspidistra elatior ‘Asahi’.  We expect the white leaf pattern to come true from seed, but we’ll see.  Have you ever sown seed from your aspidistra?

5 thoughts on “Aspidistra elatior in Seed

  1. Hello,

    I am writing from the National Capital Poison Center in Washington, DC. We would like to use the photo above in our free app, webPOISONCONTROL, that provides expert, automated guidance for poisonings.

    The photo would allow users to verify their exposure if they were to ingest an aspidistra seed. You can learn more about the tool at Please let me know whether we may use this image and how to credit you.

    Thank you!

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