Begonia henryi

Begonia henryi4

The dwarf Begonia henryi is looking great in the garden today.  This small gem has attractive silver mottled leaves that fade a bit by late summer/early fall when the flowering starts. It’s also much smaller than Begonia grandis, so it fits well into smaller gardens.  The Chinese Begonia henryi came through our cold winter last year, but really appreciates a spot where it can stay on the dry side over winter.  I doubt it will be winter hardy much further north.

3 thoughts on “Begonia henryi

  1. While on a Raleigh Garden Conservancy Open Days Tour this spring, I noticed several gardens had hardy begonias growing in light shade or woodlands, with a dark red tone to the undersides of the leaves. Viewed from lower on a slope or hanging over a wall, this was gorgeous, especially with the sun shining through. Does this hardy begonia have the red on the underside of the leaves, or does another one in your catalog?

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