Boehmeria ‘Glow Light’

Boehmeria nipononivea Glow Light2

Brightening up the woodland garden today is the lovely Boehmeria ‘Glow Light’

Boehmeria niponinivea Nichirin6There’s nothing like bright gold foliage to make a summer woodland garden come alive.  Below is Boehmeria ‘Nichirin’.  While this one grows slowly in light shade, we’ve found it much better in half day sun.  Our oldest clump is now 6′ wide x 2-3′ tall..truly stunning in the garden today.

4 thoughts on “Boehmeria ‘Glow Light’

  1. Does anyone know if Boehmeria is deer-resistant, or a favorite of theirs? Also, does it prefer moist, average, or dry soil?

  2. I have had Boehmeria ‘Nichirin’ for several years… herds of deer for longer, and they have never bothered my clump of Boehmeria. My plant has done well in dry shade and minimal care.

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