Chelsea Gardens

Chelsea is always a sell out, so get your tickets early.


Interesting 3D garden

Meatball Garden



A new use for driftwood

Dyslexis hopscotch paving patterns

Larger than life cattails

Run for the metal roses

No one’s going to steel this bull

Plants that never die

Modernist garden

A new take on stained glass

Crevice fountains

Not sure how they did this, but it’s pretty amazing.


About face…

If it looks like a nymph and moves like a nymph….

3 thoughts on “Chelsea Gardens

  1. I really enjoyed the photos because they are different from the usual photos that people post from the Chelsea show, and the meatball photo made me laugh because it brought to mind a funny article called Green Meatballs that Tony Avent once wrote for Horticulture magazine.

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