Dwarf Paw Paw, Asimina angustifolia

Asimina angustifolia

We offered this dwarf paw paw (Asimina angustifolia) from north Florida a few years ago and it didn’t sell particulary well, which is often the case with plants that folks don’t immediately recognize.  Well, here is our clump in the garden, now 2′ tall, covered in huge white flowers and growing in one of our full sun scree berms with cactus.  Perhaps one day we’ll get enough requests to offer it again.  We’d love to hear from others who did purchase this.

8 thoughts on “Dwarf Paw Paw, Asimina angustifolia

  1. Does this Paw Paw have fruit ?
    My zone 5 garden in Indiana had a mature Paw Paw tree. It’s bloom was beautiful and it’s fruit so good. Locally it was known as Indiana banana.

    Thank you for all that you do !

  2. I didn’t purchase an Asimina angustifolia, a critter planted mine. Similar plants grow at pine forest edges nearby. Mine has survived in the same shady spot on a little slope under pines for years, was broken by a falling limb and came back.

    Every year I see Zebra Swallowtails, never on the Asimina plant, usually nectaring on Lantana nearby. There was an early brood this year before Asimina even put out growth or Lantana bloomed.

  3. I love this plant and I regret that I missed my chance to purchase it when it was in the catalog. I’ve seen it in the wild in Northern Florida. It’s completely unavailable in the nursery trade so I hope it comes back to the PDN catalog someday. I won’t waste my second chance!

    Also saw woolly paw paw for the first time this year. That too is an amazingly lovely plant.

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