Epimedium ‘Peachie’ – a peach of a fairy wing

We are pleased to share another outstanding selection from our epimedium introduction program for 2018.  Epimedium ‘Peachie‘ is not only a color break, but is also incredibly floriferous.  If you have a woodland garden, we think you’ll enjoy this as much as we do.  Hardiness is Zone 5a-8b, at least. 

2 thoughts on “Epimedium ‘Peachie’ – a peach of a fairy wing

  1. My current endeavor is to reforest a hillside garden. I am using epimedium as the ground cover. Am I correct in assuming epimedium root structure will reduce erosion? Is epimedium the right plant for DRY conditions?

    • Epimedium can made good groundcovers if the soil is well-prepared. Keep in mind that some epimediums are clumping, while others are spreading. Epimediums grow fine in dry shade in parts of the country (Northeast and Northwest), but don’t really thrive in these conditions in the southeast or southwest US. If you go to our website at https://www.plantdelights.com/ and type groundcover in the search box. Once you get the results, you can narrow them down using the menu on the left. Click on shade, then drought tolerant, then your hardiness zone. This should give you a wider list of possible choices. Good luck.

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