Gathering aspidistra seed

Aspidistra seed pod harvestI spent the weekend enjoying winter garden clean-up and moving a few plants around. This time of year, the garden is like an Easter egg hunt, with treasures popping through the ground everywhere you look.

I was thrilled to discover a huge crop of aspidistra seed, which we’ll plant shortly.  Most folks move through the garden too quickly to see the seed pods, which nestle at ground level.




8 thoughts on “Gathering aspidistra seed

  1. How do you know when the pods are ripe? I have one and it still looks the same as it did in March.

  2. Could You tell me what are the conditions for seeds to sow. Thank You in advance.
    Have You got a YT channel or something like that?

  3. Dear Sirs:

    I would like to know, if you have seeds of Aspidistra. If so, which varieties ?

    Thank you / Regards !

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