Giant Agave flowering

Agave Grey Gator flowering with ladder and staff4

Here’s our research staff getting the giant ladder in place for breeding as the giant Agave salmiana x asperrima begins to open. Agave Grey Gator flowers with Jeremy on ladderAnd here’s Jeremy, who heads up our Research Division, gathering pollen and making crosses.  Breeding agaves is a little different from breeding daylilies, iris, and hostas. We hope you’ll join us during our summer open nursery and garden to see this monster in person.


2 thoughts on “Giant Agave flowering

  1. Crosses with plants can be more extreme than with animals.. Crossing this giant with a miniature is possible both ways (sometimes).without stressing the seed parent. Imagine trying that with Great Danes and Chihuahua.. Bad news both ways and bad for the offspring definitely. In humane for sure. Doing so with plants is done with anticipation

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