Great winter foliage- Dentaria (toothwort)

Dentaria diphylla American Sweetheart foliage

Another of my favorite plants of winter are the toothworts.  Here is Dentaria diphylla aka: Cardamine diphylla in the garden yesterday.  The foliage emerges in winter, making a lovely groundcover.  We’ll see the short stalks of small, but cute flowers in a few more weeks, before most species go summer dormant.  Dentaria diphylla has a huge native range, from Canada south to Alabama.

2 thoughts on “Great winter foliage- Dentaria (toothwort)

  1. I’m loving my Bama Jama dentaria right now. It is the star of my garden (well, competing for 1st place with edgeworthia) and thriving despite this eternal winter. I just planted it in late summer and it immediately went dormant and was apparently spreading like crazy underground. It’s going to fill in its area in no time.

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