Hidden no longer

Late June is when the amazing hidden cone gingers (curcuma) begin to explode here at JLBG. Here is our clump of Curcuma ‘Pink Wonder’ this week emerging from what looked like a bare patch of ground in the woodland garden. After the flowers finish, the red-striped foliage explodes to 6-7′ tall.

6 thoughts on “Hidden no longer

  1. I purchased 2 Pink Wonder in 2021. Last year one grew to twice the size of the other one and does not have the burgundy stem rib. That same plant began blooming the first week in May and is leafed out while the other is just now emerging. Both have been raised under the same conditions. Any ideas why the difference?

  2. No problem with a mix up. Have 2 great plants, just curious. How do I send a picture? Have not been able to attach to this reply.

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