Sinningia ‘Cherries Jubilee’…how many hummingirds are too many?

Our 2018 introduction of Sinningia ‘Cherries Jubilee’ was designed for one purpose…to do away with the need for hummingbird feeders. When mature, this amazing hardy gesneriad selection produces over 200 stalks at once, each with 75+ flowers each….that’s 15,000 flowers at once. The long flowering season of Sinningia ‘Cherries Jubilee’ runs from mid May through mid September. Lots of sun and well drained soils are the key to grow hardy sinningias well. 

4 thoughts on “Sinningia ‘Cherries Jubilee’…how many hummingirds are too many?

  1. Do you know if this plant would accept alkaline soil? I have a location in my yard that was formed from a travertine spring deposit a long time ago. The soil is gritty, sharply draining, and alkaline (pH 7.8). This plant is beautiful!

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