Iris unguicularis in flower in winter

Iris unguicularis Logan Calhoun5

Another favorite of winter is Iris unguicularis...the winter-blooming iris.  I just snapped this photo of a clump that’s been flowering for weeks here in the gardens.  Iris unguicularis is relatively easy to grow if given a part or full sun site with good drainage.  For us, we get random fall flowering that gives rise to a heavy bloom season in late winter….February and March.  This year, we’re offering four different selected clones.  Iris unguicularis can only be divided in fall/winter if you want it to survive.  We’re getting quite a few reports of winters hardiness throughout Zone 6.

14 thoughts on “Iris unguicularis in flower in winter

  1. I bought one of these from you a few years ago, and was a bit worried that in my clay soil I’d have trouble with it. I did improve the soil with a lot of old decomposed leaves, and planted it on the top of a small rise where it gets as much sun as my mostly partly shady yard could provide, and it has done FANTASTIC!! As Tony said, starts blooming in the fall, all through the winter for me, heaviest bloom late winter. Can’t tell you how awesome it is to see iris blooming in the winter. Mine was one of the purple ones you carry, can’t remember which one, and it has been totally low maintenance for me. A real winner!

    And in case anyone wonders, the deer have left it completely alone. My deer travel in herds of a dozen or more, and while they will occasionally eat the flowers of my Louisiana iris down by the lake along the deer interstate, they have never touched the I. unguicularis.

  2. The plant I bought several years ago is now a big happy deer-defying clump in a hot dry spot in chapel hilll. Seems like the window for division is pretty narrow.
    Is now an ok time to divide? What is the best time to divide here?

  3. Not sure this is the correct place to post this – but seems to be the only place I can find for a specific question so – hoping it is ok –
    I seem to recall some time ago you had Iris Herbertia Lahue. Mine were lost in a relocation a cople of years ago.
    Any information on this plant welcome.
    Love Plant Delights – my plants from here are always healthy and well packaged.

  4. Does this mean that the Herbertia Lahue will not be available through your site?
    As I said I will try the other one – but the Herbertia lahue is the one I had and am desperately searching for.

    Thank you for your help and infornation.

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