Kelaidis Ice Plant

Delosperma Kelaidis3

One of our favorite spring ice plants is flowering now in our rock garden, Delosperma ‘Kelaidis‘.  Growing only a few inches tall, it likes hot, baking sun and good drainage.  Selected in Colorado, its hardiness is Zone 4-8a.

2 thoughts on “Kelaidis Ice Plant

  1. Dear Tony, 2 years ago I found the most beautiful Delosperma at a local nursery, (East Texas, zone 8a and hot& humid) as h… It had apple green leaves that were heart shaped. I planted it in a 12″ ceramic pot with rich soil & fast draining bark. Fed it Fish & Seaweed every week, with water a.m. & p.m. (in 90-100°). Outstanding! You have one? Or the species name? I would be overjoyed! Also your catalog is my Favorite reading material ever! Thanks.

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