Killer Whale Century Plant

We received our first plant of the solitary-growing Agave ovatifolia ‘Killer’, after it was first created by our friend Hans Hansen in 2009. As you can imagine, propagating a non-offsetting century plant like the whale tongue agave isn’t an easy task. By sacrificing the beauty of the original plant and drilling out the central core, we forced it to offset, by destroying the plants’ auxin transmission system. If we make the cut exactly right and don’t kill the original, 1 plant becomes 3-5 plants. After those plants grow large enough, we repeat the process as we’ve done for the last 8 years in order to finally bring this to market.  Agave ‘Killer’ has a unique flecked central green pattern surrounded by a chartreuse golden border…unlike any other agave that we’ve seen. We hope collectors enjoy the fruits of our years of agave torture. 

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