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  1. I sent you a email about a week ago questioning you how to handle Speckled Stalk as a indoor plant. Fertilizer and watering methods and time. I put it in a 1 gal. container and it is out of direct sunlight. Please respond. Thanks, L. B.

      • ty Product
        1 Aspidistra gracilis ‘Speckled Stalkings’
        Qty SKU Label This is the plant that I emailed you about.

        • Very sorry…we get nearly 1000 emails daily, so reminders are always helpful. Aspidistra ‘Speckled Stalkings’ can tolerate very low light indoors, but will grow faster and more robust when closer to a window. Be sure, however not to grow it too close to a west of south-facing window since you could get some leaf scorch. Good drainage is always important and allow the soil to just dry slightly in between waterings. I hope this helps.

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