Mixing textures

We love experimenting with new textural combinations in the garden, and here are a couple that caught our eye this fall.

Start planning new bold leaf texture and color combinations for your garden this winter as you dream of spring.

The bold foliage of Asarum splendens (wild ginger), mingles nicely with the southern maidenhair fern, Adiantum x mairesii.

Mixing textures in the garden

Here, we’ve interplanted Gloxinia (Seemania) ‘Little Red’ in a patch of Alstroemeria psittacina ‘Variegata’ and Manfreda ‘Spot’. We love how the bold texture of the manfreda contrasts with the alstroemeria, while the color of the leaf spots pick up the purple in the gloxinia stems. 

2 thoughts on “Mixing textures

  1. Didn’t know about the alostromeria. Will be great during the summer dormancy when other plants going strong.

    For the fern/ginger, what would you plant with it for winter interest when the plants go dormant?

  2. Thanks for highlighting the alestroemaria. Great plant during summer dormancy.

    Any suggestions for a winter interest plant when the asarum and adiantum go dormant?

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