More hellebores from the garden

Here are images of the latest round of lenten rose hybrids in flower in our gardens this week.  It was great to chat with so many wonderful visitors who came to see them in person during our Open Nursery and Garden days.  For those who couldn’t make it, you can enjoy this on-line glimpse. We’ve now added all of the remaining hellebores from our open days for our on-line customers.  Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “More hellebores from the garden

  1. Wow just beautiful! Sad mine here in Houston ( after several hard freezes) didn’t bloom again this year

  2. Wow and wow. Just bought ‘Cotton Candy’ a double light pink hybrid. This is a great year for helebore. My garden colonies have exploded with blooms.

  3. They are gorgeous, I would like to have them all. They all seem to have their flowers more upward facing than the species, better to see them.
    I have four different ones so far, do they hybridize with each other? I don’t have a very large garden, will I have all sorts of varieties in a few

    • Hellebores are rather promiscuous in the garden, so consider what the color of the offspring would look like when you plant two colors nearby. You can create some really neat anemone type (central collar) hybrids by planting doubles and singles nearby.

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