Need a shave?

In 2011, we introduced Asarum pulchellum ‘The Fuzz’, which is probably the best evergreen ground cover wild ginger we grow.  Sadly, only a few people purchased it.  Is is the excess facial hair that turns folks off?  We’ve love to offer this again, but only if enough folks will purchase it. Below is a photo of it in the garden this week. Hardiness is Zone 7b-9b, at least. We’d be curious to hear from folks who have tried it in a colder zone. 

9 thoughts on “Need a shave?

  1. I’d be happy to give it a whirl in zone 4/5, but that’s quite a departure from your zone 7 experiences. Is it available?

  2. Is is evergreen for you? I’m in Chapel Hill and would be very interested in this plant. Looks like it makes a nice dense clump. Does it stay as a clump or spread?

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