New Camera day

Eryngium yuccifolium flower closeup

Farfugium japonicum Sunsplash4 Tricyrtis Komon2 Tricyrtis Momoyama flowers

I’ve been using a Cannon EOS for probably two decades, so when my current one died recently (they all seem to develop shutter problems after a couple of years), Anita encouraged me to try her mirrorless Fuji camera.  Surprisingly, it almost made sense to my technically impaired brain, so yesterday I took the plunge and purchased a Fuji XT1, so this is my first day of trying it out.  Here are a few pics from the morning test session. Top to bottom are Eryngium yuccifolium, Farfugium ‘Sunsplash’, Tricyrtis ‘Komon’, and Tricyrtis ‘Momoyama’.  As always, Anita was right…it’s a great camera.  Now if I could just become a better photographer.

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