New Cascades Butterfly Bushes…not your grandmothers buddleias

Can we have a collective, WOW!  For decades, we’ve begged plant breeders to use the weeping butterfly bush, Buddleia lindleyana in their breeding.  Although two breeders did so, and we have their F1 (first generation) hybrids in the garden, no one took it to further generations…until now. We are please to help introduce these amazing Hans Hansen/Walters Garden hybrids…the Cascades series of butterfly bushes.  The “Cascades” aren’t small like many of the newer hybrids, but instead mature at 6-6.5′ in height and width…the ‘Empress Wu’ of butterfly bushes. When I visited the Walters Garden trials this summer, these insanely showy butterfly bushes emitted an incredibly strong and sweet fragrance, and were loaded with an array of pollinators.  The “Cascades” are truly breakthroughs in the genus buddleia. They come in three colors, pink, lavender, and grand.  Hmmm….didn’t know that grand was a color.  The photo above is Buddleia ‘Grand Cascade’. 

15 thoughts on “New Cascades Butterfly Bushes…not your grandmothers buddleias

    • Hard to answer without knowing where you garden. You need to give them enough time to establish a root systems in areas where winter heaving will be an issue when/if the ground freezes. In our part of NC (Zone 7b), we would plant year round.

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