One Year and Counting

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Anita and I celebrated the first anniversary of our life together this weekend in the garden where we were married.  Whatever mysterious forces brought us together still amazes me.  Over the last year, I;ve learned so much and my life has positively changed in ways I never thought possible.  I am one very lucky man to find such an amazing woman at this point in my life…one who even tolerates my chaotic, crazy, and obsessive life.  Ain’t life just grand!

5 thoughts on “One Year and Counting

  1. Having moved from Chapel Hill to Nashville, NC I am removed from my usual garden loop. I didn’t know! So happy for you both. An energetic, talent, good humored, bright….you get the idea…man deserves this great happiness. The photograph tells the story. Congratulations, blessings on the years ahead.

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