Plant Delights Open Nursery and Garden Second Weekend

Greenhouse 10 flats


We begin our second Winter Open Nursery and Garden weekend with bright, sunny skies…a welcome contrast to much of weekend one.  The greenhouses are brimming with wonderful perennials, awaiting to be adopted.  Here’s one of the sales greenhouses today with some of our bulb offerings.  Our bulbs are grown in containers in greenhouse cold frames, which are kept around 32 degrees F, so they are ready to be dropped into the ground.

Nothoscordum sellowianum in flatHere is a flat of one of my favorite bulbs, the winter-flowering false yellow crocus,(Nothoscordum sellowianum)….deliciously fragrant!   We hope you’ll join us this weekend to find some new goodies for your garden, while taking time to stroll the grounds.









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