Polygonatum ‘Angel Wings’ (aka: ‘Carlisle’)

Polygonatum odoratum Angel Wings



The Solomon’s Seal, Polygonatum odoratum ‘Angel Wings’ looks delicious in the garden today!  Light shade to part sun is ideal.

8 thoughts on “Polygonatum ‘Angel Wings’ (aka: ‘Carlisle’)

    • Here’s a great example where you can’t believe everything you read on-line. The link below is an article about Solomon’s seal poisoning, which is unfortunate, because the article is talking about a completely un-related plant genus and family. If it could get any worse, the article is also filled with plenty of other misinformation. This happens when people don’t bother to have their article vetted by experts.

      We cannot find any scientific literature that addresses toxicity of the genus polygonatum (Solomon’s Seal). These plants are actually used medicinally by the millions in many countries.

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