Quink Drops

Through the years, we’ve trialed over 130 different agapanthus species and cultivars. One we currently have on trial that has us in love is Agapanthus ‘Quink Drops’. Not only are the buds near black and the flowers dark blue, but the sturdy flower stalks have reached 5′ tall. This is unquestionably the tallest agapanthus we’ve ever grown–a welcome contrast to all the overly short new introductions. This English selection from nurseryman Graham Gough, is named after a cough drop. Later this year, we’ll be chopping up our only clump to start the propagation process.

Agapanthus ‘Quink Drops’

8 thoughts on “Quink Drops

  1. ‘Elaine’ is another tall growing agapanthus that is a good rebloomer. The color of this new (to me) agapanthus is exquisite. Can we preorder?

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