Rain Lilies flowering up a storm

Zephyranthes Batik6 Zephyranthes Rose Perfection4

The rain lilies are quite incredible in the garden now as summer rains have them blooming almost constantly.  Here are two images taken this week…top is Zephyranthes ‘Batik’, and the bottom is Zephyranthes ‘Rose Perfection’.  Rain lilies can tolerate bone dry conditions for months, then the flowers explode 3 days after a rain shower.  Flowering cannot, however, be coaxed by sprinkler irrigation…one of the great mysteries of nature.

1 thought on “Rain Lilies flowering up a storm

  1. I find that I can stimulate bloom of rain lilies by drenching the bed with the garden hose with no attachment on it. That after dry spell of maybe two weeks.

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