Red China

The dwarf groundcover Sedum tetractinum ‘Little China’ is superb throughout the growing season, but we particularly love when cold weather arrives and the olive green foliage turns to bright red in the sun…what a superb winter show. Hardiness is Zone 4a-8b.

7 thoughts on “Red China

  1. Beautiful. Can you tell me what the advantage is ( to the plant ) that it should become red in the winter sun , while being green in the summer? TY.

    • Not sure, but could be to camouflage for a change in seasonal predators or possibly to cope with the difference in sun intensity. It could simply be a change based on the change of soil nutrient availability in the winter, when many nutrients are less soluble, but it’s probably not just to make gardeners happy. That would be an interested experiment.

  2. Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures, I look forward each day to seeing the pictures and reading about the plants and many times adding yet another plant I need to my want list.

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