Redneck Nation

In flower this week is Fothergilla milleri ‘Redneck Nation’. Most people have probably never heard of Fothergilla milleri, since it was just described as a new species in 2020. When a DNA analysis of the genus was completed, it showed several diploid populations previously thought to be Fothergilla gardenii were actually a new, undescribed species. Immediately after being described, it was listed as a Globally imperilled species (G2 rank).

Currently, Fothergilla milleri, which grows in swampy bog forests, is known from only 6-20 populations: a few in Coastal Alabama, one in Georgia, and a few in the Florida panhandle. This Baldwin County clone was discovered by naturalist, Fred Nation. The species was named to honor Dr. Ron Miller.

Fothergilla milleri ‘Redneck Nation’

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  1. What differences between F. milleri and F. gardenii have you observed? Does F. milleri stay shorter? Any other differences in flower size, when it blooms or length of bloom, spicy scent, new leaf or summer leaf color, fall leaf color, etc?

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