Shearing Fern

Athyrium shearei is a fascinating fern, given to us many years ago by fern guru, Dr. John Mickel. We’ve yet to offer it because we’re not sure if anyone would purchase it since some folks may think the dark central veining may look like something is wrong with the plant…which it is not. This deciduous fern native to China, Korea, and Japan makes a slowly spreading patch, and is hardy from Zone 5-8. Mature height is 15-18″ tall. What do you think?

Image of Athyrium shearei with dark central veining.

9 thoughts on “Shearing Fern

  1. I love it! I’m in zone 8, which the last two years has been more like zone 7, so it would be iffy for the first year unless it’s in a pot.

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