Still Mad about Mangaves

Just back from the center of xMangave breeding at Walters Gardens in Michigan. xMangave are mesmerizing hybrids between Manfreda and Agave. Here are a few photos from the display garden there.

Mangave ‘Mission to Mars’

Below is a variegated sport of M. ‘Mission to Mars’. These have reached 5′ in width.

Mangave ‘LIfe on Mars’

Mangave ‘Foxy Lady’ is a variegated sport of M. ‘Silver Fox’

Mangave ‘Foxy Lady’
Mangave ‘Pineapple Punch’

Mangave ‘Praying Hands’
Mangave ‘Queen for a Day’
Mangave ‘Inca Warrior’

3 thoughts on “Still Mad about Mangaves

  1. Wish ‘Inca Warrior’ would be put back into production for retail sales. I missed out on that one when it was originally offered. It is quite distinctive from the other Mangaves being offered currently, and is a beauty that deserves to be widely available again.

  2. Great news! I will definitely watch for it (as well as the newer offerings like ‘Queen for a Day’…what a stunner!)

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