Summer Carnival

The variegated hardy hibiscus, H. ‘Summer Carnival’ has looked outstanding all summer. This Hans Hansen creation has both variegated leaves and flower buds. We’ve had these in the garden since 2017, and they continue to excel. Moist to wet soils and full sun are ideal, but they handle short term drought just fine. Hardiness is Zone 4a-9b.

Hibiscus ‘Summer Carnival’

8 thoughts on “Summer Carnival

  1. Very attractive! How often do you see both the leaves and the sepals of a plant being variegated? Would this imply two mutations, one for the leaf and one for the sepals? Thank you, your daily e-mails are always beautiful and informative.

  2. The leaves on this seem more finely textured compared to “Hibiscus mutabilis ‘Gold Splash’.” Is Hans working on crossing Summer Carnival with Gold Splash?

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