Emily is Berry Nice

Ilex ‘Emily Brunner’ is a superb fruiting holly hybrid (Ilex cornuta x latifolia) that can be used either as a specimen or as part of a hedge. This is our most recent planting, that’s now 4 years old. Our oldest specimens at JLBG, now 21 years of age, have matured at 18′ tall x 18′ wide. For best fruiting, a pollinator holly is recommended. We’re not sure who is providing the pollen for our superb fruit set, but it’s either a nearby Ilex ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ or a nearby Ilex latifolia.

Ilex ‘Emily Brunner’
Ilex ‘Emily Brunner’ fruit closeup

Whoa Nellie Holly

Ilex Whoa Nellie9

I just snapped this garden image of the amazing gold-leaf holly, Ilex ‘Whoa Nellie‘…a sport of Ilex ‘Nellie Stevens’…simply superb!  Even though we don’t usually sell shrubs, we propagate a few of these each year since I love ’em so much.