Three Toothy Sisters

Below are three of our final selections of Agave x ovox, which we made out of several hundred seedlings. These are each sister seedlings from our cross of Agave ovatifolia x Agave pseudoferox ‘Bellville’ It’s always interesting to see how many different ways the genes sort out. These are from our 2018 cross, and only went in the ground in 2021, so despite their size, they’re still babies at 2′ tall x 4′ wide. So far, they are showing some true hybrid vigor. Each should mature around 4-5′ tall x 8-12′ wide. These are all fine in Zone 7b and south.

Agave x ovox ‘Beach Gobbler’
Agave x ovox ‘Contortonist’
Agave x ovox ‘Oxford Blues’

2 thoughts on “Three Toothy Sisters

  1. pretty – they certainly do GROW fast. I have two ‘Falling Water’ mangaves that I got 2-3 years ago. I have now decided they need to go outside. Hope I’m not making a mistake; they’re in the ground now.

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