Two New Solomon’s Seals for 2015

Polygonatum odoratum Goldilocks PDN003 (63934).cc As we continue featuring some of our new plant introductions that will be in our 2015 catalog, we’d like to introduce you to Polygonatum odoratum ‘Goldilocks’…our new Solomon’s Seal, which started life here as a seedling well over a decade earlier.  Polygonatum ‘Goldilocks’ is the only variegated Solomon’s seal that also produces fruit, which in turn will be variegated. Polygonatum falcatum Tiger Stripes4 (63933).cc And here is Polygonatum falcatum ‘Tiger Stripes’, a recent import from Japan.  This has been quite stunning in our trials.  The new on-line catalog goes live in 10 days!

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