Urbanite Crevice Garden

If you haven’t been out lately, the last section of our crevice garden along the exit drive is nearly finished and being planted as we speak.

Previous sections are starting to fill in nicely and really shining this spring. Be sure to visit during our upcoming 2019 Spring Open Nursery & Garden Days, May 3-5 & 10-12, and get inspiration for your own crevice or rock garden.

6 thoughts on “Urbanite Crevice Garden

    • There was an existing bank there and we used slabs of repurposed concrete and placed them vertically to create cracks and fissures. The spaces in between were then filled with varying percent mixtures of soil, compost and Permatil.

  1. At first glance of the first photo (both quick and cursory), I thought some massive prehistoric lizard had made it to Juniper Level. The head and dark, murky eye to the far right. Do you see it, or is it my imagination just gone amuck?

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