Winter update from PDN/JLBG

Iris unguicularis Mary Bernard flower(64321)


It’s been an amazingly mild winter in NC so far, with the the winter-flowering Iris unguicularis blooming their proverbial heads off.  We’ve worked for years to build up stock of these amazing, but hard-to-find gems, because we feel they should be grown in every Zone 6b-9b garden.

Also, only two days remain before we launch the 2016 Plant Delights Nursery catalog on-line.  When that happens, over 600 of the plants that are currently available in small quantities will disappear to make room for the new plants.  If there is something that you’ve been meaning to order, this is your last chance because of the large number of new plants we offer each year means we must constantly remove equally wonderful offerings to make way for new items.  In the meantime, we’re counting down for the new catalog launch on Thursday December 31!

9 thoughts on “Winter update from PDN/JLBG

  1. Now that I’ve solved my drainage problem, and know I have a sunny space for them, these iris will be part of my Zone 8b garden.

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